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Support Our Birds Grant Program

NAAS mission is to: Promote the understanding and appreciation of birds and other wildlife and the conservation and restoration of their natural habitats. To help achieve this mission, NAAS has created the Support Our Birds Program which will fund selected projects that are created and implemented by local organizations or individuals. Grant application period is from February 1, 2023 through April 30, 2023. To qualify for funding, a project must support our mission in one of the program areas:

  • Conservation, Education, Advocacy, Volunteer Engagement
  • Projects must be completed within 1-2 years of grant award
  • Projects must be implemented within the Verde Valley or the Flagstaff region
  • Higher priority will be given to projects that have matching funds or where the NAAS grant will act as seed money to get a project started
  • Grantees must demonstrate the capacity to complete the proposed project

More detailed information and application forms are available by clicking on the following links: 

SOB Grant details.pdf,  ApplicationForm.pdf 

Should you have any questions about Support Our Birds Grants, please email us at

Past Recipients

Education Grant

International Raptor & Falconry Center

International Raptor & Falconry Center (IRFC) is devoted to education through our K-12 and

adult programs, throughout the Northern Arizona region. We offer a variety of programs using

live raptors creating excitement in the sciences and encouraging conservation. These programs

are based in biology and inspire excitement for wildlife sciences. Many are raptor biology presentations that include live raptors discussing their anatomy and biology. Our ecology presentations are focused on raptor habitat ecology and the human/wildlife interface. This program discusses how humans impact raptors and promotes the conservation of wild raptors.

Our Raptor and Falconry Experiences are unique in that we take participants out in the field and

use free flying raptors to educate and demonstrate what it is like for wild raptors.

"All Things Raptor"

Photo by Steve Comstock

Conservation Grant

Runnin' W Rehabilitation Center

The Runnin’ W Wildlife Center is the only fully licensed native wildlife rescue and rehab facility specializing in birds and mammals in Northern Arizona and has been operating since 2001.  We are required by our licensing agencies to treat all animals brought to us and we do not receive funding from government agencies.  We depend on private donations, in-kind support and grant funds.  Each year, we take in about 400 wild animals.  We anticipate that this number will keep rising due to human encroachment on animal habitat and human-related activities.  Also, we presently care for 72 non-releasable wild animals that are permanent residents of our center. Our secondary mission is to use non-releasable wild animals as ambassadors, educating the public about wildlife through outdoor shows, events, and tours. 

Runnin' W mission

Research Grants for Native American Students

Research Grants for Native American Students at Northern Arizona Institutions of Higher Education. "Northern Arizona Audubon Society (NAAS) provides small research grants to Native American Students at northern Arizona institutions of higher education to encourage and support field research that will enhance knowledge and conservation of Arizona avifauna, especially on Native American reservations. Pertinent disciplines include biology, environmental studies, forestry, cultural studies, and related areas. “Avifauna” is understood broadly as projects may involve birds in different ways.

Grants are awarded based on project merit, level of preparation, and financial need. Grant recipients are invited to make an oral presentation of their findings at a monthly meeting of the NAAS in Flagstaff and Sedona. For students with projects based on scientific data collection, grant recipients are strongly encouraged to prepare a manuscript reporting their results and to submit this manuscript for publication, preferentially to the Arizona Birds, the online journal of the Arizona Field Ornithologists. 

TO APPLY: Solicitants must present: 

(1)  a maximum two-page (single-spaced; excluding references) description of the project. 

(2)  a statement of how the project will enhance knowledge of avian life in Arizona.

(3)  the amount of grant money requested. 

(4)  information on how the money will be spent. 

(5)  indication of whether other sources of funding are available for the proposed work. 

(6)  confirmation that the research project has been approved by the pertinent faculty.

(7)  a letter of recommendation describing the applicant’s qualifications and commitment to Arizona ornithology, conservation, and Native American culture.

Applications can be for any amount up to $1,000. Grant recipients are required to provide the Board of NAAS a report on their research upon completion of the project.

Application submission date: 15 September – 15 October. Funding decisions will be made within two months of receiving the application.

The decision to award a grant is made by an independent committee named by the Board of Directors of the Northern Arizona Audubon Society. Monitoring the research is the sole responsibility of the student’s academic program; NAAS only provides the funding. Email applications and requests for additional information to: Northern Arizona Audubon Society:

Northern Arizona Audubon

P O Box 1496 Sedona, AZ 86339

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