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Read a sampling of our Leaders' trip reports here and see photos from a few of our past Monthly Program events at the bottom of the page

News article on Flagstaff January Program:

Community science works to save at-risk bird population - by Hava HerzogJan 27, 2023

"The Northern Arizona Audubon Society (NAAS) is a volunteer-led organization that engages in community science to educate and advocate for the conservation of birds and their habitats. NAAS gathered together Jan. 24 at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church for a presentation on the pinyon jay and how to help save it."  Read more

Saturday, February 4th - The Jail Trail Birdwalk:  I was joined by a great turn out of 13 people on Saturday February 4th for The Jail Trail Birdwalk. We had birders from Flagstaff and some snowbirds from Ohio. It was pleasant temps with the sun shining and blue skies. Many birds were singing and we all made comments like, "wait it's only early February"!! We were blessed with great looks at Cassin's Finch, stunning looks at The Great Horned Owl, thanks to Tonie Hansen who said "can we just go a little bit further", smiling faces all around. It was perched nicely across the river with the sun shining on it. Wow looks at Evening Grosbeaks as we are having an eruption year for them. Then at the end we watched an aerial show of territorial defense put on by the Cooper's Hawk dive bombing a Red-tail Hawk. Great day to get out and bird with 33 species! By Janie Ward-Langley

Big Sit Field Trip Report - January 31, 2023: January 31st was a special day as NAAS was invited by resident Noreen Ireland to visit this lovely gated community and 14 people joined me. The weather broke just in time to witness much activity. The birds were hungry and were there to feast at Noreen's feeders. The OCV residents with some young ones in tow as well as folks who had seen the notice on the new NAAS website showed off many sharp pairs of eyes. We had a White-breasted Nuthatch and a Bridled Titmouse show off their black and white plumages at the suet. Western Bluebirds flitted among us while a distant Townsend's Solitaire called from the hillside. Song Sparrows, Abert's and Spotted Towhees rustled in the reeds right beside us. Gila and Ladder-backed Woodpeckers clamored from the cottonwoods. A Red-tailed Hawk perched on a far telephone pole waited while we discussed its size, shape, color, to rule out other raptor possibilities. After the big sit hour, we walked along beautiful Oak Creek passing a lone Bufflehead. to a hidden quiet backwater where we saw at least twenty Wood Ducks, some Mallards, and Ring-necked Ducks. Excluding these ducks, we saw 28 species in our hour, which is the new record for an NAAS Big Sit!  by Kristen Rothrock

Sedona Wetlands January 14, 2023: Rich was joined by 19 folks on January 14th at 10 AM for a 1 hour walk at the Sedona Wetlands. Weather cooperated, but birds didn't. Scope views of the normal ducks & Say's Phoebe & Townsend's Solitaire, but many more misses. It seems starting at 10 got people from Flagstaff and others, but less birds. We then went down to Spring creek tank 9571, but only a Black Phoebe was at the tank. Despite the lack of birds, many enjoyed the field trip!

Bubbling Ponds: On October 12 at 4:30 pm (yes, in the evening!) I had 4 other birders (plus 2 locals who joined us for a bit!) to take a walk around bubbling ponds. From the parking lot we saw a Bald Eagle soaring away from us, with the unmistakable white tail. That's my first Bald Eagle in Yavapai County. We proceeded to see a mix of our year-round species (Bridled Titmice showed up quickly, Abert's Towhees and Song Sparrows were unmistakably present too), some summer visitors (the Osprey was really putting on a show, soaring and perching), and some winter visitors (my first Dark-eyed Junco of the season, also Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Yellow-rumped and Orange-crowned Warblers) just returning. We then watched a gorgeous fall sunset and tried to entice an owl to join us. No luck, but overall a very pleasant day with 22 species.  By Alex Passos

Big Sit, Dead Horse Ranch State Park, November 30th: I was joined by 10 people for the big sit at Dead Horse State Park on November 30th. There were a few surprises; a glimpse at a Pine Siskin, but good looks at the Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Bridled Titmouse, and some American Goldfinches. By comparison, the Lesser Goldfinch was barely in attendance. Of course, White-crowned Sparrows and Oregon Juncos abounded. A Slate-colored Junco were among them. A Spotted Towhee made his appearance just before the hour ended. There was good conversation, new people, and many sharp eyes that identified 22 species.  By Kristen Rothrock

Woods Canyon Trail Field Trip:  5 birders joined me on November 5th for a nearly 2-mile walk along Woods Canyon Trail. Despite the early morning chill, it turned out to be an exceptional day for birding. We passed at least 200 American Robins, 80 Western Bluebirds, 8 Cedar Waxwings, and around 30 Townsend's Solitaires. Other highlights included a Sharp-shinned Hawk, Crissal Thrasher, Rock Wren, Black-throated Sparrow, and Black-chinned Sparrow. However, the co-favorites were a flock of a dozen Cassin's Finches foraging in neighboring junipers and a male Evening Grosbeak! Back at the ranger station, we were treated to very close views of Canyon Towhees & several species of sparrow: White-crowned, Chipping, Song, Lincoln's, and even a hoped for White-throated. We ended up with 41 species in all!  By Mark Philippart

Black Canyon Heritage Park and Lake Pleasant:  The 23rd of October turned out to be a great day to leave the rain behind and head down to Black Canyon City and Lake Pleasant. On the way down, we visited a couple of spots for sparrows; including the Arcosanti Cattle Tank, a dirt tank where shorebirds are often found. We were met at the Black Canyon City Heritage Park by a Meetup member who joins us often, but lives in Phoenix. To my surprise, when we arrived she and two other participants were conversing in Mandarin!  So there were 3 participants who spoke Mandarin and 3 participants who did not. They tried to teach us the difference between the Mandarin word for Cormorant, donkey and stove which are all very similar, but we had a lot of difficulty picking that up... which gave us all a good chuckle. One of the participants saw 5 life birds! We had Harris's Hawks immediately upon entering the heritage park. The road just North of the park always has Inca Doves and one of NAAS's great photographers got wonderful pictures of Curve-billed Thrashers and Cactus Wrens. Lake Pleasant's Cottonwood Day Use Area is the go-to spot for Gilded Flicker and they didn't disappoint! But the lake was down which made it hard to discern whether or not there were Clark's Grebes in all of the Western Grebes? Overall it was a good day with 50 species and great weather, birds and birders...  and pie on the way home!  By Kay Hawklee

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