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Our Mission

To promote the understanding and appreciation of birds and other wildlife and the conservation and restoration of their natural habitats.

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Blackhawk Watch November 2022

If you would like to contribute a poem, short article, or photo to the BlackHawk Watch, please contact us:

Northern Arizona Audubon Society (NAAS) serves Flagstaff, Sedona and the Verde Valley.

We are spreading the love of nature, the outdoors and birds. To fulfill our mission, we host events to share our knowledge and passion, we participate in citizen science, we engage in advocacy action and we promote conservation of all animal and plant species. You can help! Whether you become a member, donate or simply share your appreciation of birds, you are making a difference.

Highlights:  Monthly Program

NAAS presentation: Butterflies of the Verde Valley by Becky Hardy. May 22, 2024, Sedona Public Library - 6:00pm. 5:30 social time.

Arizona is home to 334 butterfly species, second only to Texas.  In the Verde Valley, we

now have the possibility to see half of those species, due to our varied habitats

throughout the region.  That number continues to grow; in 2023 alone, two new

species were added to the list!  Becky will share the Verde Valley butterfly families you

can expect to observe, including their distinguishing characteristics; as well as some of

the best locations to find their species.  She will also share the difference between

butterfly host and nectar plants and how you can attract butterflies to your garden.

Becky Hardy Bio 

Becky Hardy is a lifelong butterfly enthusiast.  She has had a lifelong passion,

interaction and observation of butterflies. Over the years, Becky has observed,

researched and reared thousands of butterflies across multiple species.

She has presented to multiple organizations about butterflies.  She shares her

enthusiasm and passion for butterflies by facilitating butterfly field trips and events, as

Northern Arizona Audubon Society’s education chair.  She has participated in several

North American Butterfly Association (NABA) butterfly counts over the years; most

recently as sector leader for the Dead Horse Ranch State Park sector. In 2023, she

observed a butterfly species that had not been seen in the Verde Valley before.

Want to volunteer for Hummingbird Banding project

Looking for reliable volunteers for a new hummingbird banding site at Page Springs Fish Hatchery! This is a great opportunity to learn more about hummingbirds. Hilary Morejon from The International Hummingbird Society has become a permitted bander and is working with the Hummingbird Conservation Network on expanding hummingbird research in the Verde Valley. In order for this to happen, we need volunteers to help at the site. 

Read more:  Seeking volunteers for Hummingbird Banding.docx

Volunteer Opportunities - Watch this space

There are always more volunteer opportunities. For instance we need:

  • A Program Chair Above the Rim (ATR). If you want to have great face-to-face meetings in Flagstaff again, you can make that  happen! Choose the speakers you want hear from. We already have a wide variety of speakers to choose from.
  • An Education Chair ATR. We have the curriculum to make this an easy position. 
    • Follow in Tori Wiley's footsteps down a path that's already developed which is helping a diverse group of interest students learn more about birds. Volunteer next school year (2024-2025) at Marshall Elementary for the Nature Bird Club.
  • Want to survey birds?  We've got educational and fun bird surveys that are low stress and great practice for careers in Field Work as a Biologist, or just a great way to learn bird sounds!

The goal is to have many volunteers so that the work gets spread around. We encourage our volunteers to "do what you love." This helps prevent burn out. And it's working!  Most volunteer positions don't take more than a few hours per month. Contact us for more information.

Email if you want to do a small job - that you will love!

Discover Birding

Discover birding

Are you a birder, birdwatcher, or curious about birdwatching? Come birdwatch with Northern Arizona Audubon Society in the Flagstaff, Sedona and Verde Valley area. Northern and Central Arizona contain all the major types of biomes and offers some of the best inland birding in the United States. We are an inclusive group, so people of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and perspectives are highly encouraged to participate. - by Jake Abel

We’ve tailored our actions to reflect our memberships’ interests:

Bird walks/Field Trips = 37%   
Science: Bird surveys, Community Science = 20%  
Educational Monthly Meeting programs = 18%   
Conservation and Advocacy = 12% 

Habitat Restoration, trail maintenance, etc. = 10%


Discover new birds and enjoy birding!

We are offering more field trips to a bigger variety of places than ever before. Our guides are avid local birders who know the habitats well. Each trip is tailored to increase your knowledge of birds and their environs.


Discover where to bird on your own

These two links contain all of the records about where the top birding spots are located. See top media from County hotspots and recent checklists:

Coconino County Hotspots

Yavapai County Hotspots

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Northern Arizona Audubon

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Sanctuary Locations:

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