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  • 17 Oct 2023 6:06 AM | Anonymous

    Groundwater in Coconino County - Networking and lunch in Flagstaff

    Wednesday, October 25
    11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    The Aspen Room; 2223 E. 7th Avenue c; Flagstaff, AZ 86004

    Join us for networking and lunch in Flagstaff to learn about groundwater in Coconino County.

    Hear from our panel of experts about the importance of this vital resource to the region, how groundwater and surface water are connected, and how managing groundwater is critical to local communities.

    11:15 a.m.: Doors open

    11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.: Lunch and networking

    12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.: Program with panelists


    • Supervisor Patrice Horstman, Coconino County
    • Mayor Clarinda Vail, Town of Tusayan
    • Erin Young, City of Flagstaff
    • Dr. Abe Springer, Northern Arizona University
    • Tom Osterday, Blue Ridge Domestic Water Improvement District
    RSVP here:  RSVP

  • 20 Sep 2023 7:01 PM | Anonymous

    Diane Hope recently contacted our chapter to write a KNAU Earth Note on the establishment of two Motus stations by NAAS. 

    Listen to learn more: KNAU Earth Note on NAAS Motus stations

    NAAS can further conservation knowledge to help make stopover sites for migrating birds safer. 

    Support NAAS's goal of funding these Motus stations both above the rim on Anderson Mesa and below the rim on Rancho Tres Brisas.

  • 29 Aug 2023 7:05 PM | Anonymous

    Calling All Photographers

    Northern Arizona Audubon Society and the International Hummingbird Society are hosting a Birds of the Verde Valley ... and the Rest of the World photo exhibit at the Sedona Public Library in West Sedona from October 3 to 14.  (Set up will be October 2 and take down will be on Monday, October 16.)

    Photographers, we would love to have you participate!

    A few notes: 

    This is a display to celebrate the beauty of birds.  We are looking for engaging, non-violent images from around the world and the Verde Valley.  We want to amaze people with the variety of birds they can see here and on their travels, and inspire them to take some time to learn more about birds. If we have multiple images of one species and limited space, we may select only one or two of that species for exhibit. 

    Photos will be displayed in the library's indoor entrance area on white corkboards.  Photos need to be matted before you deliver them to us.  If you need help with matting, please send an email to  If there is enough interest, we may have a pre-display matting party!  

    You can list your photos as for sale, with a price and contact info.  

    The Library is not responsible for the photos.

    1)  Please plan to submit no more than 4 images.
    2)  Max size is 11x14, including mat
    3)  Each photo must have a label on the back stating your name, bird species, the image title, and a price if it is for sale. 
    4)  On or before September 26, please email Alice Madar ( with your name, email, phone number, and a list of your (up to) 4 images.  For each image, include the following:

    • Image title
    • Bird species
    • Where photographed
    • A sentence or two about the bird or your experience taking the photo
    • Price and information on how you can be reached, if the image is for sale

     We need this information in advance so we can create an image tag for each photo.  

    Please contact Alice to let her know if you plan to participate either as a photographer or as a volunteer to help prepare the exhibit.  Then invite all your friends to come see the photos between October 3 and October 14!

  • 1 Jun 2023 10:55 AM | Anonymous

    Advocacy Watch

    Supreme Court Decision Threatens Waterways that Birds (and People) NeedThe Court’s ruling in Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency removes crucial protections for wetlands, limiting the Clean Water Act. “This Supreme Court ruling weakens our federal standards for clean water, threatening our ability to protect ecosystems and landscapes needed for birds and communities across the country,” said Julie Hill-Gabriel, Audubon’s Vice President for Water Conservation. “Federal experts will no longer be able to require certain development permits in America’s decimated wetlands. This decision undermines Clean Water Act protections for many types of waterways that birds and people need, all while birds are telling us that more action is needed to protect their future.” Western Water News 

    "The decision focused specifically on wetlands, but it may hold implications for numerous other waterways throughout the nation. Five out of the nine judges ruled that wetlands can only be regulated under the Clean Water Act if they have a “continuous surface connection” to larger bodies of water. The seasonal streams are so beneficial because they protect our surface and groundwater quality, the buffer downstream private property by conveying floodwaters and sediment and dirt, they replenish our groundwater," said Haley Paul, policy director at the Southwest branch of the Audubon Society."  Wetlands water

  • 19 Apr 2023 7:47 PM | Kay Hawklee (Administrator)

    Nightly Migration Update - Check out BirdCast's Migration Dashboard for the number of birds crossing:

  • 18 Apr 2023 8:30 AM | Anonymous

    Verde River Monitoring and Education Program with the Verde River Institute - (must sign up:

    These classes serve as an excellent way to educate Audubon members on the Verde River and how its ecosystems conserve birds!

    The Institute's Spring/Summer Monitoring and Education course is still open for new students! The Wednesday slots have all been filled, but we still have space on the Saturday lessons!  Classes will be held weekly for 10 weeks from April 29th until July1st for Saturday students. Classes meet at Tuzigoot River Access Point (TuziRAP) in Clarkdale, where we'll have a 1-hour discussion of that day's topics; followed by a 4-hour (or so) kayak trip from Lower Tapco River Access Point (TapcoRAP) to TuziRAP.

    Along the way, we'll discuss experiential things about the day's lesson topics, and we'll stop halfway down to e at lunch and talk. The kayak trips always present unexpected opportunities to discuss something about the river along the way.

    Summer/Fall classes will start in mid-July (probably July 19. )

    If you are interested in becoming a "Verde River Nerd," email Doug at

  • 5 Apr 2023 10:32 AM | Anonymous

    Many thanks to Rich Armstrong for teaching his Birding 101 class at the Camp Verde Library. Rich is undoubtably the most active member of NAAS!  He is the Chair of Field Trips in Sedona and the Verde Valley, Steward of the Sedona Wetlands and Compiler of the Sedona Christmas Bird Count. Rich has taught this class to people who are curious about the hobby of bird watching to their benefit and to that of our organization.  Giving the gift of a teaching a new hobby to those who are seeking is so important in these days of stress. There was a huge amount of interest expressed by the number of attendees to this class. These participants were treated to a great variety of birds and raptors with one of NAAS's best guides and teachers!

    I taught 30 folks a 2 hour Birding 101 class on March 31st at the Camp Verde library. Then on April 1st I had 10 of them bird Rezzonico Park and the Camp Verde STP. Then on April 2nd I had another 12 of them bird Rezzonico Park and the Camp Verde STP. Highlights were singing Lucy's Warbler, Abert's Towhee, close views of both male & female Vermillion Flycatchers, a very cooperative Hutton's Vireo, Cliff Swallows going in and out of nests, Great Horned Owls on a nest and next to it, and scope views of all 3 male teal species, Greater Yellowlegs, and Wilson's Snipe.
    By Rich Armstrong

  • 1 Mar 2023 1:34 PM | Kay Hawklee (Administrator)

    The Northern Arizona Audubon Fun Day held at the Sedona Wetlands Preserve on Feb. 25 was a big success. The weather cooperated with sunny skies, and the ducks showed up at the ponds. About 100 people, adults and children, visited the preserve and partook in the festivities. Michael Erb made you answer bird trivia questions to ‘win’ one of the coloring books he drew. Tracy and pals from Friends of the Verde River gave a lesson on BioBlitz and encouraged all to get outside and look around! Tony and his group from Yavapai County Flood Control talked about, you guessed it, water and how it flows. Northern AZ Audubon's art table was very popular where participants learned to draw a bird.  The NAAS bird identification and migration games taught participants that they know more birds than they first thought they did. Rich pointed out ducks from the viewing platform giving everyone an opportunity to use the spotting scope. We want to thank our sponsors of this event; Jason Vargo, Events & Rentals Technician from the Sedona Parks & Recreation Department; Roxanne Holland and the Sedona Sewage Treatment Plant; and the City of Cottonwood. Thanks to all the NAAS volunteers-- Nanette & Rich Armstrong, Kay Hawklee, Denae Dearden, Becky Hardy, Sally Reynolds, Susan Meyer and Dana Kjellgren who made this NAAS  Verde Valley Sci-Tech event possible.

  • 20 Feb 2023 1:47 PM | Kay Hawklee (Administrator)

    Kids make the best bird sounds ever! We discovered this during out time outdoors with kids who are definitely interested in birds!

    Eight children and their parents attended the "Talk, walk and make" event that NAAS hosted at the Sedona Library on February 11th.

    Viviane the librarian began the program by pointing out all the books the library has to offer about birds. Then she red a story.

    Nanette began with a quick lesson about birds, what makes a bird, what to look for to identify them, when you find one give good directions for others to find the bird, etc. 

    We handed out binoculars. Gave a quick lesson on how to focus, how to find a bird with them, how to care for them.  Then we went outside and walked around the new patio and observed birds that were coming into feeders that NAAS Volunteer, Sally Reynolds, had set up. We continued on library grounds following the bird sounds - which were being echoed by several musical childrens' whistles! 

    We returned inside for the craft. Pine cones with string tied around them were used as homemade bird feeders the children could take home. The children smeared the cone with vegetable shortening with plastic knife or spoon, then rolled the cone in bird seed. Then placed the cone in a plastic baggie. We instructed the children to hang the pine cone in a place where a squirrel might not be able to reach. Volunteers and kids had a great time!

  • 31 Jan 2023 12:22 PM | Kay Hawklee (Administrator)

    The Flagstaff monthly program was covered by Features Writer, Hava Herzog, for The Lumberjack (NAU's newspaper).  Hava interviewed NAAS, Southwest Audubon, the Grand Canyon Trust and NAU's The Wildlife Society club leaders to find out how we are all coming together to help save Pinyon Jay habitat. 

    It's great when a like-minded group of conservationists focus on a conservation goal. 

    "The Northern Arizona Audubon Society (NAAS) is a volunteer-led organization that engages in community science to educate and advocate for the conservation of birds and their habitats. NAAS gathered together Jan. 24 at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church for a presentation on the pinyon jay and how to help save it."

    Pinyon Jay Community Science Initiative article

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