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Welcome to our new website

22 Dec 2022 7:07 AM | Kay Hawklee (Administrator)

The Northern Arizona Audubon Society (NAAS) is excited to announce it has a new website to better engage the public.

“Our new site is modern, easy and fun – just like our events,” said Kay Hawklee, president of the local birdwatching group. “Birding is the perfect gateway to appreciate nature and the spectacular landscape in our region.”

NAAS is one chapter of many within the National Audubon Society and is based out of Flagstaff, Sedona and the Verde Valley. With strong roots in conservation, anyone interested in wildlife and biodiversity can make a true difference by participating in bird counts and other initiatives.

“I’d like to thank Dennis Tomko, outgoing webmaster of NAAS, for his dedication and commitment. Dennis has served as both president, vice-president as well as webmaster for many years. Dennis, and many others who came before him, have set NAAS on the right path to preserve bird habitat.” Hawklee said.

Birds, along with most other animals, are facing widespread declines across their ranges, but Hawklee says it is not too late to change the future.

“The sanctuaries that NAAS visionaries created are the only habitat in our area in which bird species are actually increasing. The 2022 State of the Birds report tells us that birds are thriving in wetland habitat, but are declining in all other habitats on the planet. We have more work to do,” she said.

Birding is an activity for naturalists of all ages and in the last number of years, it has attracted increasing numbers of young people, thanks in part to apps like eBird, Larkwire, BirdsEye and others.

“We are actively seeking new folks to join our chapter. Membership represents new ideas, new enthusiasm and new opportunities to educate this and future generations to advocate for birds. Membership dollars are used to feed birds, fund education, and to host more field trips,” said Hawklee.

“Our focus as a conservation-minded organization is coming to the front. We invite anyone interested in conservation to join us on bird surveys, which help inform policy and conservation measures,” Hawklee said.

"On the new website, we provide easy ways to advocate for birds. They can’t speak up, so we are!”

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